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    Tickets and Actions

    The tickets are what describes one or several issues, problems if you wish. Every ticket may have one or several actions related to it to describe work in progress or adding sidenotes. Actions are described below. A ticket contains several values to describe the issue, starting with ID which is of no real use to the user. Issue date is at what date and time the ticket was created, problem start and problem end date and time for when the issue starts and ends. The scope may be used to seperate tickets for departments, groups, types of problems or simply anything you want. The owner field corresponds to the user the ticket belongs to, not neccesarily the creator.

    The affected field explains what is affected by this issue, systems, computers, groups of people or anything you want. The status field is either open or closed depending on the ticket status. Closed tickets can be made open again by changing the status again. Removed tickets however are deleted completely from the database along with its related actions. The description field describes the issue in depth.

    When the issue described in a ticket is updated, actions may be added to reflect that change. Actions are simply a string value with a date for when the action was added.

    If the administrator has allowed custom tags in phpticket settings, the action and description fields of a ticket may contain tags that will be replaced with the HTML equivalency. These are the custom tags available:

    bold text[b]bold text[/b]
    pre-formatted text[pre]pre-formatted text[/pre]
    italic text[i]italic text[/i]
  • list item
  • [li]list item
    red text[color=red]red text[/color]
    green text[color=green]green text[/color]
    blue text[color=blue]blue text[/color]
    orange text[color=orange]orange text[/color]
    small text[size=small]small text[/size]
    medium text[size=medium]medium text[/size]
    big text[size=big]big text[/size]